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Organizational Structure Shapes Performance in Dynamic Environments: Studying the Relatioship Between Structure and Performance
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Conclusions and outcomes ? The argument that (organizations with too much structure are too inflexible, while organizations with too little structure are too inefficient) neglects key factors such as limited attention, time delays, and the fleeting and varied nature of opportunities that might influence this tradeoff. So, for example, the theory does not consider that, although less structure enables flexible improvisation, improvisation is an attention-consuming and mistake-prone process ? The relationship between structure and performance still remains unpredictably asymmetric and past literature focuses on balancing efficiency and flexibility ? Whereas the present literature suggests that this balance is more accurately the flexible capture of widely varying opportunities vs. efficient execution of specific opportunities ? The field of organizations still lacks an empirically validated theory that, starting from structure at the level of individuals, is able to predict organization-level measures of performance relevant to firm strategy ? The reviewed literature does not provide a theory to describe structure at the individual level of analysis and does not predict the measures of performance that can be useful to a firm?s strategy ? Need to understand and study the influence of different dimensions of the environment on organizational performance ? Investigate how decision-making structure affects organizational performance especially in the context of ambidextrous organizations ? Far less research has traditionally been devoted to how organizations achieve organizational ambidexterity (Raisch and Birkinshaw 2008:380) ? Further research should be carried out to consider the influence of the quality of organizational structure on performance
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Springer-Verlaf London Limited 2012
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Industrial Engineering: Innovative Networks. Annals of Industrial Engineering 2011
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  • Autor: Felipe Ruiz Lopez (UPM)
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